Budgeting For Your Custom Piece

When it comes to getting yourself a custom piece of jewellery, the design possibilities are almost limitless.  With so many options to choose from, having a budget in mind can make your decision much easier.

The final price of your piece will be determined based on: whether the design is chosen directly from our online catalogue, the weight and karat of gold in the design, as well as the number, types, sizes and quality of stones you'd like to use. When requesting a quote, be sure to include your budget and we'll do our best to balance these design elements with your price-point.  

If you're working with a limited budget, here are some tips to help keep the cost of your piece down:

1. Choose a design directly from our design library:
Here at JayLyn, we have thousands of unique and beautiful designs to choose from.  Browse through our online catalogue or visit us directly at our shop in Sidney.  Our design experts can work with you to determine what types of designs you like to narrow down your perfect choice.  If you still haven't found exactly what you're looking for, then we can look at custom-designing exactly what you want.  

2. Choose a light-weight design:
The more gold in your piece, the higher the price will be.  To keep the cost down, choose something that is light-weight. Avoid wide bands and pieces with large areas of solid gold.  Filigree and other "open" designs are your friend!

3. Opt for 14K instead of 18K:
18K has more gold content than 14K and therefore will cost more.

4. Opt for one-tone gold instead of two-tone:
Manufacturing a two-tone gold piece (i.e. uses both white and yellow gold), requires more labour and therefore will increase the price of your piece.  Using only one tone (i.e. either all yellow gold or all white gold) will allow us to cast the piece all in one casting and therefore require less labour.

5. Utilize your old gold and incorporate your own stones:
One great way to offset the cost of a new piece is by strategically utilizing what you already have!  Old gold can be used to offset the cost of the piece, while stones that you might already have (think old engagement rings or heirloom pieces) and be utilized to completely eliminate the cost of purchasing new stones for the piece.  If you have gold or stones that you'd like to use, please let us know in your quote request.

6. Choose the quality of your stones:
We've put this tip last because you won't want to sacrifice the quality of your stones unless you need to.  Here at JayLyn Jewellers, we pride ourselves on producing gorgeous pieces that will last a lifetime- stone quality is a major factor at play here!  Nevertheless, our expert gemmologist will work with you to find the best quality stones on the market that will fit in your budget.

Finally, making a custom piece fit into your budget usually isn't a one-step process.  Send us a quote request, and we'll work with you from there on getting you exactly what you want!